the Lara gallery

Contemporary Art

우리는 작품을 통해 삶의 한조각을 반추해 보는 사유, 그리고 다른세상을 꿈꾸어 보는 의미있는 예술의 세계를 접합니다. 더라라갤러리는 다양한 예술작품을 소개하며 전세계인이 사유하고 공감하는 장을 만들고있습니다.

Through art we can reconnect with the world known and unknown. We can reflect the reason of living through art. Founded in 2015, the Lara Gallery have been focusing on exhibiting a place to reconnect and give reasons to our lives. The Lara Gallery is located in Seoul, South Korea and have been presenting gallery private exhibitions to international art fairs. Our exhibitions spectrums contemporary art from new artist to renown artist capturing all minds and hearts.


Seoul Office +82-2-555-1252

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